Discover the Sleepy Seaside Village of Dillon Beach, California

DSC_0245 Dillon Beach is an out-of-the way village just south of the Marin County border to Sonoma County, along the Pacific coast just across from Tomales Point and the mouth of Tomales Bay.

Dillong Beach, California and a view of Tomales Point and the mouth of Tomales Bay.
Looking west across Tomales Bay and the village of Dillon Beach, California.

Living in Sonoma County most of my life, I had heard many times about Dillon Beach, but always seemed to bypass it on my way to Point Reyes or driving down the coast. Afterall, Sonoma County has plenty of nice beaches, but this one is truly special.  Luckily one weekend in April the weather was nice and a chance for a trip came up.  It was just a day-trip, but we were rewarded with breathtaking views of Tomales Bay, the Pacific Ocean and the quaint village and vacations homes of Dillon Beach. Continue reading


Five Fun Things to Do in Gualala, California

Gualala, California - Russian River Area Activities Thanks to our friends at, here are five fun ways of spending time in the beautiful rural get-a-way of Gualala, California, with peaceful river valleys, majestic redwoods, and exotic adventures of discovery that will surprise you.  The village of Gualala is nestled into craggy bluffs at the mouth of the Gualala River where it meets the Russian River.  The weather is always mild, being very close to the ocean, but hidden in scenic coastal river valleys with fishing, kayaking, camping, hiking and more.  Read More