Proof that revenues are Up at Sixt auto rentals of Fulton, California

20 cent Euro piece left in a Sixt rental car
Found in a rental car returned to Sixt of Fulton, California

Here we offer physical evidence that revenues are Up, Up, Up at our new Sixt rental car station in Fulton, California.  Many thanks to the mystery guest who left this in a cup holder. It’s 20 Euro cents, which by today’s exchange rate that’s about 21 cents in US dollars.  I guess that’s chump change in Europe, but would any red-blooded American leave a quarter in their European rental car? (P.S. That better not be the tip; we know where you live, Europe!)


Nearly 50 Locations and Growing in North America for Sixt Rental Cars

Rent-a-car with Sixt USA - Now in Santa Rosa Sonoma County Airport - Fulton, California
Sixt opened its 50th auto rental franchises in the USA in 2014

The biggest rental car company in Germany, Sixt, continued its expansion in North America, nearly doubling its number of locations to 50 in 2014. Sixt opened stations at Detroit Metro Airport, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Seattle and even right here in Sonoma County.

Sixt credits the success in the USA to its 100-year tradition of customer service and quality. The new locations have access to one of the world’s largest car rental fleets, which include a wide selection of vehicles to suit guest’s travel needs, like Mercedes-Benz, Caddillac and BMW. Sixt expects to open more markets in major transport hubs like Dallas/Fort Worth, Boston and Philadelphia. READ MORE