Rent a 2016 Smart Car electric drive at Sixt rent a car of STS

Remember recently we added a Smart Car to our fleet? Well, we’ve doubled down and this time, it’s ELECTRIC!

Sixt rent a car of Santa Rosa, California is proud to offer the 2016 Smart Car Electric Drive with service now inside the terminal at The Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS). This electrified Smart Car helps avoid gas station lines simply by plugging into any normal household electrical outlet at a cost of only about $1.20 a day. (Grounded and professionally installed 120 volt electrical outlets are strongly recommended.)

a small red 2016 smart car electric drive parked in front of a chateau style building part of Kendall Jacksin vineyards
2016 Smart Car electric drive parked in front of Kendall Jackson Vineyards
“We wanted everyone to drive around in the wine country in an EV,” said Sixt rent a car franchise owner Steve Schneider demonstrating the charger on video. “There’s EV charging stations everywhere.” Continue reading


Sixt Named Top Rental Car in Mastercard’s ‘Mobile Top App Index’

Application (App) for Sixt auto rentals
Sixt rental car App

T3 News Network — One of the things we love most about Sixt is being on the cutting edge of new technology with “on the go” critical applications for today’s mobile lifestyle. So, congratulations are in order as the Sixt Rent A Car App has been included in the MasterCard ‘Mobile Top App Index’ and was rated first in the car rentals area, according to T3 News Network.

Mastercard uses its index to identify the best smartphone applications for mobile purchases in 36 European countries. These it judges by criteria such as functionality, design, payment methods, technology and ease of operation. The Sixt Rent a Car App ranked among the top 20 of all the rated applications in this unique European index. Continue reading

Tech-Dream or Tech-Hell – What’s Your Take on Artificial Intelligence?

Braing on a circuit board - What is the future of Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial intelligence is the subject of a new 100-year study at Stanford University.

Artificial Intelligence is considered by many to be the best thing since sliced bread, then again others warn it will be the end of humanity.  Maybe you’ve seen Terminator and believe that Google is the next Skynet, or perhaps you’re looking forward to when AI can predict harmful solar flares?

Many experts are warning that AI will be the bane of man (and woman). Steve Wozniak recently warned that: “Computers are going to take over from humans, no question,” Wozniak said during an interview with Australian Financial Review. His opinion on artificial intelligence now aligns with worrisome predictions by Tesla’s chief executive Elon Musk, Professor Stephen Hawking and even Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Continue reading