Regina Sixt Interview with Buying Business Travel

Sixt rental cars senior executive vice-president of marketing, Regine Sixt
Regine Sixt
Regine Sixt is one of the most important and fearless leaders with Sixt rental cars.  As a true brand ambassador, she is the heart and soul of the business, inspiring the ranks of Sixt employees with her clear vision and showing that Sixt cares about helping others with her “Drying Little Tears” charitable efforts. But Sixt has painted a “larger than life” picture of this woman, who married into the Sixt family back in 1976.  So it was fascinating to read more about Regine herself, who after all is the senior executive vice-president of marketing of Sixt, and did you know that she is the honorary consul of Barbados in Germany?  In a recent interview with Paul Revel of Buying Business Travel she talks about the latest business developments for Sixt. SEE MORE


Drying Little Tears – Help Regine Sixt Help the Children


For all the different reasons we love Sixt rental cars, the most important one is Mrs. Sixt’s (Regine) commitment to helping the most vulnerable people in our society — the children.  The Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation has projects like helping expand a pre-school for children from broken families in Mexico, to providing support for a daycare center in Lithuania and opening a recording center for The Maltese Youth Center in Hamburg.  You can help to.  Visit the Drying Little Tears website to learn more.