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SeeMoreAuto See More Auto Club with Seymour the Travel Bulldog
Meet Seymour the Travel Bulldog

See More Auto Club

(JOIN NOW) Where can you find all of the best stuff in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and Northern California; the best cars, travel destinations, food, lodging, shopping, entertainment, activities, events, sight-seeing and great deals on pre-owned (used) cars and rental cars — all in one place? You are here.  This is where it all begins and you are our newest member of the See More Auto Club. Just tell our friendly staff that you are a member of the See More Auto Club to get a Free Upgrade on your next reservation from Sixt rent a car (subject to availability), as well as other great offers down the line.

Seymour the Travel Bulldog

SeeMoreAuto - The See More Auto Club with Seymour the Travel Bulldog and his owner Steve Schneider
Seymour with owner Steve Schneider

Seymour is more than a mascot for the See More Auto Club. He’s our very own ‘travel bulldog,’ a real-life English Bulldog, owned by Sixt franchise owner Steve Schneider, that goes nearly everywhere, knows everything, noses everything, owns everything, loves to be scratched one moment and driving off real or imagined intruders the next. So be warned; he’s adorable, but he is also dangerous and has been known to bite, but he can also be our cute little baby. He will do almost anything for a treat, but always keep some prepared to hand out as a diversion for the best possible escape.

Seymour the Travel Bulldog is relentless in sniffing out great deals.  He tells management exactly how he feels. He is much better behaved on the Internet or social media than in real life. Just be good, stay off of all motorized scooters, and Seymour will be happy. But if you really want to meet Seymour in real-life, make sure your insurance is up-to-date, and apply HERE for an audience before the Great One!

country road, bodega church, vineyards, sonoma coast

Travel Blog

Everyone has a travel story to tell!  Share yours on the See More Auto Club Travel Blog.  If you live or work somewhere interesting; took an interesting vacation recently; took an interesting photo; went someplace exotic; or somewhere memorable; write it up, take a photo, selfie, etc., send it to Seymour and we’ll post a guest blog to share it with our travel audience. Use it to promote something you’re involved in, or as proof that you actually did something interesting. Commemmorate that once in a lifetime vacation, or do some blogging for the experience.  It’s a win-win as we get more storytellers on our site and our audience gets to ‘See More’ of our beautiful home in Northern California and the world.

Join our Travel Directory!

Local businesses and travel destinations can join the See More Auto Club by exchanging links with us on our Travel Directory. Visitors to the See More Auto Club now have a place to go online to see all our favorite local sights, vendors and products. Put a link for Sixt rent a car on your website or social media and we’ll post a link on our directory. Take a LOOK HERE at what we are working on to start and contact us to participate.  Right now we are posting links to our favorite businesses, friends and places in our area that have helped and inspired us along the way. The best way for our businesses to help eachother is to make an exclusive offer to our club members for your product or service, which could be as simple as: “Tell ’em Seymour sent you.”

How do you join? It’s Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Join our Email Newsletter
  2. Sign up on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, WordPress, or Google+)
  3. Say, “I’m in the club!” when you talk to one of our friendly agents.

Membership has it’s privileges. By connecting to any of these three channels of communication, you’ll be able to find out the latest deals and special offers available through AutoDistributors Inc. and Sixt rental cars of Santa Rosa, Fulton and the Sonoma County Airport.  Why?  ‘Cause you’re in the club!

How do I know I’m a member? This is what you are probably asking yourself right now. Well, let’s make it easy. The See More Auto Club is free, FREE, as in no money. But let me make it even easier, if you are reading this, you are a member. Right now, you — yeah you — are a member, if you so choose. If you believe you are a member, you are a member.  “I’m in the club,” is all you have to say.


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